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Lian Sheng Mold Work was established to manufacturemolds in 1984. It was renamed Hong Lian Sheng Pattern Co., Ltd.in 1996. The continuous commitment of human resources, plant equipmentsand process technologies forthe professional abilityto meet customer demands. The development of the forming dies, punch toolsto meet the productspecifications and needs, and to providecustomers with fast delivery, high quality products and customized integrated service andpromise. In 1997, we established theShun Hsin Ta Corp. The export services werepromoted more actively.

Our factory in Taiwan occupies over 4000 square meters.Also in mainland China, Zhejiang, we set up a factory, with about one hundred staff.

Toprovide quality mold by customization process. The scale and technology areprior to the mold industry.

In 2011, we passed theISO9001 international quality certification,The sustainable management is through the management.

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